So Many Virtual Realities + Phone = 1 Google Cardboard

What is Google Cardboard?Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 7.34.08 PM

Google Cardboard uses a phone and viewer that is inexpensive,  between $10-30 online through Amazon or Google.  The use of the viewer and apps can let you experience virtual reality to visit places, museum spaces, play games and whatever else you can imagine – through your phone without leaving your classroom.


Watch our BrHS Student Tech Team in action with Google Cardboard – it’s hilarious! I wish I would have caught their reaction right from the beginning.  Priceless.

Part 1 Link   Part 2 Link


Who has access to Google Cardboard viewers?  We all do as a staff!  You can check out a class set from our librarian, Jane Schissel.

How did we get 30 Google Cardboard viewers?  Stacy Harkness received a class set as part of her 1:Web Cohort and she graciously shared it with BrHS.  You can thank her later!

Useful links for ALL content areas:

Google Cardboard: everything you needed to know

10 Simple Ways to Use Google Cardboard in the Classroom

12 ways to use Google Cardboard in your Classroom

Mindblowing VR Videos

20 Top Virtual Reality Apps

5 Top Apps to Use with Google Cardboard

Great apps to use with your Google Cardboard:

YouVisit – virtual college tours

Nearpod – virtual field trips

Thinglink – virtual field trips/ecosystems

New York Times VR – visit places around the world

Discovery Channel VR – an app that has way cool stuff!

Miscellaneous Links by Content Area:






World Language

Results and Infographic from a Samsung backed survey:

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 7.33.46 PM

There are so many VR sites out there.  Google what you’re interested in and I’m sure you will feel the same way my Student Tech Team did after some investigation – it’s awesome!

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