PhET for Mathies by Kay Davidson

phetCU-Boulder has been pushing out PhET Interactive Simulations for years and they haven’t always been Chromebook-compatible.  The science department knows this well as we have been moving our students all over the building the past 5+ years or so looking for a computer lab that would run these simulations.

PhET now has changed over most of their simulations to run on Chromebooks!  It’s great news, but if you don’t know what a PhET is, you don’t know what you’re really missing out on.

These simulations, more specifically for Math, cover different topics and applications.  I recorded a Screencast so that you could take a quick look at what they offer.  You can also head right over to their site:  It may not be for all levels of math, but it will certainly add to some classroom experiences with fun activities.  Lesson plans are included in case you didn’t want to create something from scratch.  It’s worth checking out!




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