No more “Put your phone away” for the Science Department with their new policy for 2017/2018.

The phone battle is over.  Way over.

Screenshot 2017-05-04 at 12.39.11 PM

After years of mostly losing the attention battle of student cell phones vs. teachers, the Science Department has adopted a strategy that will be enforced in all classes beginning in the Fall of 2017:

Check your phone in at the beginning of the period and pick it up at the end.  

Setting this clear classroom expectation has worked well in both Jim Davidson’s 9th grade English classes and Eliza Rayner’s 10th grade + Science classes.  It is simple.  It is effective.  It is class climate changing.

Here’s a video example of Jim’s class checking their phones in at the beginning of the period.  No complaints… just gets done.  There is a list of student names and slot numbers by the cell phone holder so they know whose phone goes in the correct slot.  You can see this being done in the video.

Here’s a link to the cell phone holders Jim and Eliza have in their classrooms from Amazon.  Additional slots for up to 42 phones allow for extra slips of paper to be put in the corresponding student slot number when they don’t have their device that day but need to be counted for attendance.  That’s the deal.  Phone = attendance.  If a student in Eliza’s class is caught with their phone, she does one of two things:

  • confiscates it and returns it at the end of the school day or
  • gives it to Mr. Barnes to deal with the issue.

I honestly can’t wait for the next school year to start JUST to implement this classroom and Science Department policy.  I am tired of the phone battle and knowing it works in other classrooms gives me some peace.  Maybe I’ll even get to see their adorable faces instead of the tops of their heads!!!!

Wish us luck!



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