Replace your classroom desktop with your Chromebook by Steve Kelly

Are you a traveling teacher? Would you like to keep your work on one device? Do you suffer from device fatigue, stressed out by logging into multiple computers during the work day? Consider using your Chromebook as a presentation device!

Before you start furiously ripping out cables from the tangled mess behind your desktop, take a deep breath and decide whether you are up for a bit of a technology challenge. If yes, continue reading! If no, maybe revisit this post after talking with more experienced colleagues.

Materials needed:

  • Chromebook
  • HDMI adapter (this is the device that was placed in your mailbox at the beginning of the year)
  • Classroom desktop computer that you want to replace

Time requirement: 5 minutes


Step 1: locate the VGA cable from the back of your computer. The cable is the widest connector on the back of your computer. It looks like this:




Step 2: Unplug this cable and connect your VGA to HDMI adapter, like so:

File_000 (1)


Step 3: Plug this adapter into the HDMI port on your Chromebook.




Step 4: Finally, if you need audio, locate the audio cable that is plugged into the back of your desktop and plug it into the headphone jack on the Chromebook.


Now power on your Chromebook. Congratulations! You now can present from your Chromebook. Now that your Chromebook is connected to your projector, here are a few things to try:

  • Save time during student presentations by having the students plug their Chromebook in to present:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Check out the Cast for Education extension here.
  • Try connecting an IPEVO document camera to your Chromebook to project worksheets for students.
  • Plug in your USB presenter remote to control your Google Slides presentations when you are lecturing to your class.


If you have any questions about this procedure or need help please contact Steve Kelly (! 


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