South Side is the Best Side by Kay Davidson

Starting a blog is easy.  Posting ideas on a blog for me…..not so much.  I’ve taken the liberty to recap some awesome things from our PD Day (2/10/2017) and add some more resources you can add to your OG repertoire directly from our South Side Science peeps.


Free Tech For Teachers – Gamechanger!  Robert Byrne’s blog about technology is all around great. He provides information about free technology that teachers can use in their classroom that is insightful, appropriate and awe-some!  He has one of the best Ed Tech blogs around, so check him out, subscribe, and you will never look back!

Alice Keeler – Talk about Google GURU.  Sheesh. Check HER out!  Alice is clear, precise, has great ideas and is usually first to delve into Google product updates.

edutopia – K-12 education tips and strategies.


One Tab – If you have too many tabs open on your CB, this is your go to extension!  Have you ever gotten “You killed him” notice on your tab or tabs?  One Tab will take all of your tabs and make a list that you can access, share, and restore without killing the CPU/memory on your CB.  Do it!!!

Tab Resize – If you don’t have two monitors to split screens, this does the job for you.  A paper on one side, rubric on the other?  Schoology open on one, IC on the other?  Check it out.

Grammarly – Easiest way to check your spelling and grammar on everything you type/compose/email because not all of us have a “Jim Davidson” at home!

Ublock Origin – An efficient ad blocker for your device.

Extensity – A way to manage your extensions so they don’t jam up your Chromebook – turn them on or off as you see fit with the click of a button.


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